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Which strike packages to use!

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1Which strike packages to use! Empty Which strike packages to use! on Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:18 pm


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Lobby Hoster

As many of you know a Strike Package is the kill streak and/or points you get in a match. Different strike packages have different rewards and a different way of obtaining the rewards.

I will give you a tutorial on each strike package, how to use them effectively and my opinion on the best awards to use on each package.


This package is a kill streak package, which means you need to survive and get the required amount of kills to get to the next kill streak.

Each reward needs a different amount of kill streak. But you may not use more than 3 rewards. The order of these are as follows:

3 Kill Streak = U.A.V (Shows enemies on the minimap).

4 Kill Streak = Care Package (Airdrop a random kill streak).

5 Kill Streak = I.M.S (The Intelligent Munitions System detects and eliminates enemy combatants).

5 Kill Streak = Predator Missile (Remote control missile).

5 Kill Steak = Sentry Gun (Airdrop a placeable sentry gun).

6 Kill Streak = Precision Airstrike (Call in a directional airstrike).

7 Kill Streak = Attack Helicopter (Call in a support helicopter).

9 Kill Streak = Strafe Run (Strafing run of 5 attack helicopters).

9 Kill Streak = AH-6 Overwatch (Get personal air support from an AH-6 Overwatch).

9 Kill Streak = Reaper (Lase missile targets remotely from the Reaper UAV.)

10 Kill Streak = Assault Drone (Airdrop an Assualt drone).

12 Kill Streak = AC-130 (Be the gunner of an AC-130).

12 Kill Streak = Pave Low (Heavily armored assault helicopter).

15 Kill Streak = Juggernaut (Receive advanced armor via Care Package).

17 Kill Streak = Osprey Gunner (Be the gunner of an Osprey delivering several care packages).

All these rewards are good in there own way. Some of you may want to go for the highest kill streak, but know it is hard to get to.

 Camping is an easy way of obtaining higher kill streaks, I would recommend going in a medium sized room with at least a claymore, flash bangs and a shotgun. The perks that are good to use for this are:

Perk 1: Blind Eye

Perk 2: Assassin 

Perk 3: Any.

 The non-camping way to get the higher kill streaks are to rush them or stay in a place for a short amount of time and then move position every so often, maybe room to room, and check around every corner. I would still recommend using the same perks but instead of a claymore and a shotgun, I would recommend using either a M4A1, SCAR-L, TYPE 95, UMP45, PP90M1. I think those weapons are most effective and kill easier as long as you have moderate accuracy.

My opinion on the best rewards to use for this package are:

Care Package (It could be any reward, you may get lucky).

Sentry Gun (Brilliant for Domination, HQ and Kill Confirmed. Put it in sensible places so the enemy can't easily knife it).

Attack Helicopter or an AC-130 (Attack Helicopter is easier to get and 80% of the time the helicopter gets more than 5 kills. 
 The AC-130 is an easy way of getting kills, if you know your good and can get a 12 kill streak then I recommend using it).

 I would use this package if you know you are good at staying alive and getting loads of kills. If you die a lot and find it hard to get 5 kills without a death then I would recommend not using this package.


This package is a point package. So you can still die yet still be on the way to get a bigger award (bigger rewards = more kills).
 For example you could get 3 kills then die and still be on a 3 point streak. It also gives you a point for capturing objectives e.g. Domination and HQ.

You may not use more than 3 rewards. The order of these are as follows:

4 kills = UAV (Show enemies on the minimap. Great for helping out your team).

5 kills = Counter-UAV (Temporarily disables enemy radar. Good for when your team don't have silencers and are capturing an objective).

5 kills = Ballistic Vests (Deploy a bag of Ballistic Vests for your team).

5 kills = Airdrop Trap (Kill enemies with a booby-trapped airdrop crate).

8 kills = Sam Turret (Automated SAM turret that destroys aerial kill streaks. Great for when the enemy team has air support).

10 kills = Recon Drone (Control a Recon Drone, targeting enemies for your team).

12 kills = Advanced UAV (Call in a Orbital Recon that shows the direction your enemy is facing. Great reward to use for your team).

12 kills= Remote Sentry (Toss a small turret and remotely control it).

14 kills = Stealth Bomber (Airstrike undetectable on enemy maps).

18 kills = EMP (Temporarily disables enemy electronics).

18 kills = Juggernaut Recon (Receive advanced armor via Care Package).

18 kills = Escort Airdrop (An Osprey delivers and defends several care packages).

These rewards are very good and easy to obtain. These rewards are easier to get in matches like Domination and HQ. This package is the easiest to get the rewards on. 

My opinion on the best rewards for this package are:

Ballistic Vests (Every teammate than obtains one, you get 50 XP. So as long as your time like Ballistic Vests your going to get a few hundred XP.

Airdrop Trap (About 70-80% per game someone takes this "fake" care package. If they decide not to take it then you can go right next to the "fake" care package when there is an enemy about and crouch, and face towards the "fake" Care Package. Then this looks like it is real and then the enemy normally thinks that you are taking the Care Package and will take the "fake" Care Package. Works about 95% of the time.

Stealth Bomber (Great to use. You can get loads of kills if you send it in the right place and direction. In Domination or HQ it is good to save it and then use it when multiple enemies attempt to take the position or HQ.

Escort Airdrop (Once you throw the co-ordinates, it takes a while to drop of the Care Packages but it is very good to use. Most of the time they are good rewards and sometimes get the Juggernaut armor. So two great rewards when you only used 1.

I would recommend using this if you get 13+ kills in a match, and want to get the higher rewards.


This package is a kill streak package. You will need to be on a kill streak (Get kills without dying) to gain the next reward.
 This package uses perks. So with this package you can have 6 perks instead of 3. But if you gain the 3 perks that are additional to the package and die you will loose them and will need to get the required amount of kills to gain them again.

These perks are the same as "Perk 1, 2 and 3". The only perk not added in the package is Overkill due to obvious reasons.
 They go in order as the "Perk 1, 2 and 3" go.

Perk 1:

Recon (Explosive damage paints the target on the mini-map).

Sleight Of Hand (Faster reloading, good if you have a weapon that takes a while to reload).

Blind Eye  (Undetectable by air support and sentries, great if the enemy team have air support and you want to keep your kill streak).

Extreme Conditioning (Sprint for longer distances, brilliant if you like rushing around the map with a UMP, MP5 ext).

Scavenger (Pick up supply from fallen foes, I would use this if you have a UMP or any other gun that runs out of ammo fast).

Perk 2:

Quickdraw (Faster aiming, I would recommend using this if you quick scope or have a weapon that goes to aim down the sight slowly).

Blast Shield (Increased explosive resistance, personally not my favorite but it has its ups and downs).

Hardline (Killstreaks require 1 less kill, I would definitely use this if you use this package. So you can get 1 kill and gain a perk along with 300 XP).

Assassin (Have not unlocked this yet on my prestige).

Perk 3:

Marksman (Identify enemy targets at longer range, pretty self explanatory).

Stalker  (Move faster while aiming, great to use with a heavy weapon or if you like aiming down the sight a lot).

Sitrep (Detect enemy explosives and tactical equipment, I would recommend using this for game modes like Search and Destroy).

Steady Aim (Decreases the height and length of your crosshairs, if you like no-scoping then this is a good one to use or if you like shooting from the hip).

Dead Silence (Your footsteps are silent, great for Search and Destroy. Also a few people use turtle beaches, so this might be a good perk to use).

My opinion on the best perks to use along with the package perks:

Original perks:

Perk 1:

Extreme Conditioning or Sleight Of Hand (Depending of which weapon).

Perk 2:

Hardline (Best original perk to use with this package).

Perk 3:

Dead Silence, Steady Aim or Sitrep (Depending on which game mode you are playing and what gun you are using).

Package perks:

Number 1 (required amount of kills is 2: Sleight Of Hand

Number 2 (required amount of kills is 4: Quickdraw

Number 3 (required amount of kills is 6: Stalker

I would recommend using this package if you like perks and would like to have 2 perks in the same perk section e.g. you want Recon and Sleight Of Hand).

Thank you for reading, glad to help.

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