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Minecraft xbox Mega Thread

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1) The New Duplication Glitch
This cheat may not work in the future, following subsequent patches. For now, though, you can duplicate any item in the game by carefully following a few steps. Make sure you have a friend handy, and several of the item that you want to duplicate. Put one of that item in your dispenser, and another one of the same item in the slot of the furnace where the coal does not go. Move your cursor over it and hold the A button. Now have a friend break the dispenser and the item will drop. However, the item cannot be picked up normally. Walk over to the item and stand on top of it. Open your inventory and check your inventory, where you need to have a unit of the item you are duplicating. Move that item to a different position in your inventory. Doing so will leave behind 64 of that item. Finally, head to a chest and drag your item to an empty slot. Don't place all of that item, however. Hold X and place one until it fills up the slot with 64. Now move on to the next one and so forth.

2) Solo Duplication Glitch
If you'd like to duplicate items but don't have a friend handy, you still can. Make sure that you have an iron pickax or better, an iron shovel, multiple furnaces, and a chest. Begin by placing a furnace anywhere you like, then place a single unit of the item that you wish to duplicate within the ingredient slot. Next, hop onto the furnace and start mining it with your pickax, but switch to your shovel just before the furnace breaks. The furnace should break and appear again. Now jump down and click on the thing you want to duplicate until the furnace breaks. If you've done it properly (you may have to try a few times), you'll see two of the object you duplicated. Grab one of them, go to your chest, grab the object and now you should see 64 of the item you duplicated. Place those one by one and you're done.

3) Invincibility
It's possible to become invincible if you have a friend who is willing to lend a hand. Start by creating a full set of Diamond Armor, which you should place in your inventory. Now place a Dispenser and put your Diamond Armor within the Dispenser. Next, have your friend smash the Dispenser. Grab your armor and place it back in your inventory. From there, equip the armor. Now have your friend hit you and the armor will disappear. However, you should now be invincible.

4) Infinite Obsidian
Make a portal to the Nether, which requires you to have 18 obsidian. Build a square structure (for example, five blocks high and four blocks wide) and then use a flint and stone to light the center. Now have a second person join the game and enter the portal. Once the second player is within the Nether, the first player should then destroy one of the obsidian blocks from which it was constructed. Then the person in the Nether should pass back through the portal. A random portal will now appear in your world, containing another 18 obsidian that you can mine. Obsidian is indestructible and thus very useful. You can repeat the process outlined above as many times as you like.

5) Gamer Pictures
You can unlock gamer pictures by performing the corresponding tasks listed below.
Steve - Play Minecraft for 30 minutes
Creeper - Slay many creepers

6) Avatar awards
You can unlock three Avatar rewards by satisfying certain conditions, as indicated below.
Pork Chop T-Shirt - Cook a raw porkchop in your furnace and eat it
Creeper Cap - Kill a Creeper with your bow and arrows
Minecraft Watch - Play Minecraft for 100 day-to-night cycles

7) Minecraft dashboard theme
You can unlock an Xbox Live Minecraft theme by pressing Y to take a screenshot while the game is paused, then uploading that photo to Facebook.

Cool Secret Nether Portal
Start playing the Tutorial mode with the game set to Peaceful. Gather enough dirt to build a staircase that reaches the word MINECRAFT that is floating in the sky. You'll find a lever that you can pull to produce a portal to the Nether.

9) Block Liquids
If water or another liquid is flooding the base of an elevator shaft you have constructed, you can place a sign just outside your elevator's bottom exit. As long the elevator is properly enclosed, the sign will prevent the liquid (both water and lava) from filling your elevator's base area.

10) Break into the void
First, create a hole to the Bedrock with a Pickaxe (You may need about 2 for this). Then, Place TNT on the top of the bedrock, all the way up to Layer 127. Explode the TNT, and you've made a hole into the void!


Into The Nether (40) Construct a Nether Portal.

Dispense With This (20) Construct a Dispenser.

MOAR Tools (15) Construct one type of each tool (one pickaxe, one spade, one axe and one ****).

Leader Of The Pack (30) Befriend five wolves.

When Pigs Fly (40) Use a saddle to ride a pig, then have the pig get hurt from fall damage while riding it.

Cow Tipper (15) Harvest some leather.

Monster Hunter (20) Attack and destroy a monster.

Time to Strike! (10) Use planks and sticks to craft a wooden sword.

On A Rail (40) Travel by minecart to a point at least 500m in a single direction from where you started.

Delicious Fish (15) Catch and cook a fish!

Getting an Upgrade (15) Craft a stone pickaxe.

The Lie (40) Bake a cake using wheat, sugar, milk and eggs!

Bake Bread (20) Turn wheat into bread.

Time to Farm! (10) Use planks and sticks to make a wooden h*o*e.

Acquire Hardware (15) Smelt an iron ingot.

Hot Topic (15) Construct a furnace out of eight cobblestone blocks.

Time to Mine! (10) Use planks and sticks to make a wooden pickaxe

Benchmarking (10) Craft a workbench with four wooden planks.

Getting Wood (10) Punch a tree until you recieve your first log!

Taking Inventory (10) Open your inventory for the first time.

Man that was a long walk -Cover your entire map

Avatar Awards -
Creeper Cap- Kill a Creeper with Arrows
Minecraft Watch- Play for 100 in-game days
Pork-Chop T-Shirt- Make a Cooked Porkchop

Gamerpics -
Creeper Gamerpic -Kill 10 Creepers
Gamer Gamerpic-Mine redstone
Minecraft wood theme-kill a creeper

Previously, we reported that Microsoft and 4J Studios were denying purchasers of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition refunds if they were upset about the lack of split-screen functionality on SDTVs. Fortunately, since then, Microsoft has had a change of heart, and lamenters of the unspecified feature have been receiving full refunds after vocalizing their complaints.
In addition, a clause at the end of the games description has been added to inform buyers prior to sale that split-screen functionality is only available on HDTV sets. Why this is still an issue is up in the air, and considering that Minecraft is such an undemanding title, it seems that this is primarily a programming issue of some kind. We have yet to receive word regarding this issue as of yet, but you can bet that youll see any updates on SDTV split-screen for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition as soon as we get em.

Minecraft Update (No release date yet):

Things that will be in it:

-Npc villages
-mine shafts

-cave spiders

-stone brick
-brick slabs and stairs
-fence gates
-glass panes
-iron bars

-rivers flow between biomes
-swamp biome added
-mountain biome added

-hungar bar
-stackable food
-food consuming animation
-rotten flesh(dropped from zombie when killed

-creative mode

Credits to TTG Minkraft for this update info!

Ways To get in a challenge lobby
- be a one year member
- get 100 LEGIT not bull crap post
- donate 5$ to
- or refer 10 people to the website
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