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How to Prestige before level 80

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1How to Prestige before level 80 Empty How to Prestige before level 80 on Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:37 am


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Senior Admin
Step1: Get your rank to level 55 or over.

Step2: Get a second account that is able to prestige (level 80)

Step3: Sign in to both accounts.

Step4: Go on xbox live on MW3 and have your friend invite you to a game.

Step5: When in his go to "barracks" then "prestige mode " and then wait.

Step6: Have him/her find a match.

Step7: The screen will then become semi-blurry so then press the b button and leave the game.

Step8: When u r back in your own lobby with both controllers go ahead and continue to prestige but make sure you r using the second controller.

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